Qualification certificate

Ningbo Richain Electro Mechanical Technology Co. , Ltd.

Ningbo Richain Electro Mechanical Co. , Ltd. is a professional manufacturer with many years of experience in the manufacture of solenoid valves, with the ability to design, develop and produce all kinds of solenoid valves and related products, now has a number of high-quality technical and Management Team, with high R & D and production capacity, production process in line with the quality system control requirements, and has a sound performance testing equipment to ensure product quality. Can satisfy each kind of customer to the product quality, the technical demand.

Services and Advantages
what can we do for you
1One year warranty

The company's products from the sale of 12 months, the implementation of warranty.

2Quality of the product

During the use of the product, our company will ask users for feedback on product quality, use status, improvement opinions and other aspects in order to further improve the product quality.

3Quality problem

Respond to customers' complaints about product quality in the first time.

4Service charge

Improper operation during the use of the product caused damage to the product, are not within the scope of warranty, return and replacement, the appropriate maintenance service fee should be charged.


All return and replacement products must be complete products and related accessories, otherwise they will not be processed within the scope of free service, and the corresponding returned amount will be deducted from the price of related accessories.